The My Wood-Mizer Project Contest is a long-standing tradition that recognizes sawmill owners who have built dream woodworking projects by sawing their own lumber. Almost as soon as the first Wood-Mizer portable sawmill was sold in 1982, sawyers started to share their accomplishments with other sawmill owners, friends, and family. As a way to honor their achievements, the contest was first launched in 1985 and 11 Wood-Mizer sawmill owners entered their projects. Today, the contest reaches a worldwide audience and has grown in more categories as well as entries. Throughout the years, thousands of projects and stories have been shared and celebrated, but they all start with a dream and a Wood-Mizer.

The My Wood-Mizer Project Contest is open to any Wood-Mizer owner in US and Canada interested in competing for their share of tens of thousands of dollars in prize credits awarded to first, second, and third place winners in each category. In addition to competing in one of nine categories (Homes & Major Structures, Small Homes & Cabins, Large Barns & Garages, Small Barns & Sheds, Interior Projects, Furniture Projects, Exterior Projects, For the Good of Others, and Unusual & Unique), every project also contends for the People’s Choice Awards which is awarded to the projects that receive the most votes from the public during the contest.

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