Wood Mill Shed

Doug Palladino

LT15 Wide

Project Description
My first project with my first mill was a Mill shed to protect my investment. It started off on paper as a small lean-to but grew bigger and bigger as I started drawing it out. The finished size is 30 x 26 with a 5 foot bump out in the back. The shed was built with Douglas Fir from my property and the only lumber I had to buy were the 20+ foot 2x12’s for the headers and the pressure treated posts. The side walls are 10ft tall which give plenty of room for loading logs and pulling the trailer in/out for offsite milling. Half of the building approx. 400sf has attic space to store/dry 2x lumber. The exterior is traditional board and batten with 8” wide boards. Halfway through the build I decided to install clear panels on the back gable end to bring in more natural light. It worked out so well I used the same panels on the front barn door to bring in even more light and to reduce the weight of the 15x10 door. I added two storage racks, one on an interior wall and one outside under the bump out roof. These have been very helpful in sorting out the various sizes of lumber while they dry and they take up very little space. In addition to the mill, the building now houses our tractor, log splitter, carts and about 5 cords of firewood.

Finished Dimensions
26ft x 30ft with a small bump out

Money Saved
$6,000-8,000 saved on milled wood

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