Underground Garage

Chris Hofstetter


Project Description < br /> Instead of building an above-ground garage, we had the idea of building an underground garage. In order to facilitate the building of the garage, we dug a big hole in the mountain (28 wide, 40 long and at the deepest point 15 feed deep). Once the excavation was done, we milled and edged all the wood we needed for the project. The garage was built by erecting 12 vertical beams (6x6) with 6x6 beams as cross connections. On top of those beams, the 2x6 roof rafters were installed and covered with 4x8 ZIP boards. The walls were constructed by framing out the walls with 2x4 boards and covering the walls with 1 1/4" boards from the outside of the garage. The garage is sealed by a pool liner first around the wall and then from atop the roof/ceiling. The next layer is a 1" insulation board. Lastly the garage was covered by sand and top soil so that it ends up being completely underground.

Finished Dimensions
The final garage will be 19' wide, 28' long and 10' high

Money Saved

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