Rescued Birch Bookshelf

William Bayless


Project Description < br /> When the homeowners had to remove this dying weeping birch from their front yard, they wanted to find a way to continue to have the tree as a part of their home as they created many memories under its branches. I picked up the logs from their yard, brought them back to the mill, cut and dried the slabs in my solar kiln, and then worked with a local metal fabricator to create the frame, custom fitted to each slab and made to resemble aspen trunks, branches, and leaves. We moved the piece back into the front sunroom of their home, where they now create new memories with it as a centerpiece in the room, right at their front door.

Finished Dimensions
6' tall, 5-6' wide, 12" deep

Money Saved
The tree was saved from firewood or chipping.

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