Keith Kelley


Project Description < br /> My students cut lumber off our school property and milled it on our LX25 we received money for from Ag in the Classroom Grant. Once we cut the lumber into lengths and let it dry (in the process of building our own kiln shed from a school bus for next year) we then cut them in pieces. Students then glued them into blanks to use to cut guitar bodies from. We built electric guitars in an after school club. Once blanks dried, glued and planned. We used our CNC machine to mill out the pickup pockets and neck hole. is the website that shows pictures of the process and some of our finished guitars. We hope to build our own necks and add exotic woods we have harvested from the dumpster from local window manufacture (Duratherm) who uses Magohanny, Teak, Ash and other wood that we can salvage.

Finished Dimensions
15 1/4 x 22 in wood blank that we cut bodie out of. Then dimensions match type of guitar (strat, tele, gibson)

Money Saved
A kit costs us $200 each with the $125 being the body and neck leaving the components for the rest. Once we do our own necks we will get it to half price. Allowing kids to be able to afford it that cant so far. Website is

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