Tim Ferriss Natural Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

Devin Ginther


Project Description < br /> Our custom furniture is marketed under Refined Elements LLC and our lumber & sawmill is marketed under the Texas Urban Sawmill. We operate out of the same facility with the same owners. We are focused on salvaging historical hardwoods across Texas & beyond. This particular table was built for New York Times Best Selling author and celebrity, Tim Ferriss. It resides in his private Austin residence. The tree itself was salvaged near Boulder, CO. The log was pulled from a local river bed after a massive flood. We traveled to CO where we worked with a local tree service company & transported back a series of salvaged logs. Just imagine that this log would have been left to rot on the banks of the Saint Vrain Creek in Longmont, CO. The tree was born in 1867. We gave it a second life and Tim Ferriss just happens to be a fan of our work.

Finished Dimensions
9 ft x 48 in wide

Money Saved
Better question is how much money we made, using our WM. This was a $8500 dining table which is pretty standard for the quality of our work. We produce more natural edge tables than anyone in Texas.

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