David Shaffer


Project Description < br /> Reclaimed pine logs used for all except foundation, which was treated lumber. I started with sawing the pine for the trusses and frame, dried that in my kiln and built the trusses. As I was cutting the siding, my wife and I made decisions on which side would give the most character for live edging. This side was left with no cutting. Drying was done in my wood kiln. After drying the siding, it was sealed with Rymar wood sealer on both sides. The top of each board needed to be edged for good contact with board. Windows were added as it was being built, since the Potting Shed wed planned for was being claimed as a She Shed for crafting. The inside was insulated and electricity was added. Steel was used for roof and gutters. The front door is a Dutch barn door made of the reclaimed pine and then stained. After finishing the shed we decided to build a walkway to it, which is made of paving stones with cement sand.

Finished Dimensions
12 x 14

Money Saved

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