Mill House



Project Description < br /> This project was done to keep the power head out of the weather when not in use. Most storms in the winter come from the South or West. the opening on the mill house faces North keeping most sun and rain off the mill. Header height is 108" off the rails so the mill can be clear of the opening even if it is raised to the max height. Wall studs are 2 x 6 Douglas Fir and the corner posts are 6 x 6. The header is 6 x 12. Rafters are D.F 2 x 12. The siding is Western Red Cedar that was milled to 1 x 8 beveled siding. The roof sheathing is 1x Pine. Corner trims are 2x Red Cedar surfaced smooth and wrap the corner. the logs are given to us by local tree trimmers who are happy not cutting firewood and hauling the wood away. The appearance is that of an old town building which fits the local history. Inside walls hang spare blades and the small tools for the mill. Our Mill has 6 bed sections. Using a Disney inspired name, our mill has been named "Dusty Millhouse".

Finished Dimensions
9 x 12

Money Saved

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