Leadwood Custom Coffee Bar

Benjamin Sutfin


Project Description < br /> This was a completely custom coffee bar for a customer of mine who owns Quantum Bean Coffee in Morgantown WV. My very good friend who lives in South African recommended African Leadwood to work with. Knowing that there isn’t any prefinished wood available in the US, I reached out to Rarewoods in Maine and found some 12/4 Leadwood! This wood is incredibly hard and dense and unbelievably heavy. But, I knew that my US made Woodmizer could take this superwood on. My LT10 worked like a champ. I ripped down stacks of this wood without any problem. Leadwood is one of the hardest woods in the world, and my LT10 took it on like a an expert woodsman. I milled it up, made some dovetails to join the edges of the counter (2 1/2 inches W x 1 1/2 thick), built the coffee bar offsite in Pennsylvania, then delivered it in a Uhaul to my customer’s new coffehouse 100 miles away! Turned out beautifully!

Finished Dimensions
80 ft

Money Saved

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