Entry Door and Benches

Robert Brothen


Project Description < br /> One evening my son Jon and I were discussing the need to replace the entry door at our family retreat in Northern Minnesota. We thought something more unique and possibly reflecting our Norwegian heritage would fit well with our décor. Since a custom unique entry door can cost several thousand dollars we decided to put our LT10 to work. On an afternoon walk in our woods we first selected a large old White Oak tree that had been girdled by Beavers and had been standing dead for a couple of years. This we sawed for door planks and threshold. A tall, straight Red Pine was chosen for framing lumber, siding, and two 4X10 inch timbers to be carved for the side posts. White pine was used for the Jambs and trim. We cut a Birch tree for the side benches and used a board from it with interesting staining for an accent piece above the door. The design for the benches is one my father made as a boy in Norway in the 1920s. Next we attended a large flea market where we found old iron accent pieces, a 100 year old heavy duty latch with cast iron door knobs, and some heavy old hinges on which the 2 inch thick 130 lb. door would swing. It was a very fun project and when finished we spent less than $60. Thanks Woodmizer!

Finished Dimensions

Money Saved

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