Walker Shop House


Phyllis Walker


Project Description
Home built in half of the metal building. We used milled lumber for almost everything in the home. We built porches, framed the home, walls, and cabinets. We were able to have sinker cypress cabinets in all bathrooms, and 5 sinker cypress walls between 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, plus one additional Sinker wall in the utility room. There are only 2 rooms in the home that are entirely sheetrock, all other areas have at least 2 or more walls of wood. The main living area is entirely built of pine that is tongue and grooved to appear as shiplap as is the master bath, all closets, laundry area, broom closet, pantry, half bath, and hallway. Kitchen cabinets are Red Oak, Broom closet under the stairs is Hemlock. The only wood purchased was the posts that had to be treated, green plate and any plywood needed for the project.

Finished Dimensions
2650 Square feet Living

Money Saved
50,000 or more

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