Spalted Maple Table


Kenneth Kurt


Project Description
Spalted Maple Dining Table designed by Kenneth Kurt of the Country Porch- Mukwonago. Ordinary silver maple tree was cut down in Greenfield, WI. The lumber was milled in Yorkville, WI on my LT30 wood-mizer in 2020. The cant was cut and stacked, separating each board. Colonies of stain, mold and decaying fungi began their work creating boundaries to protect their turf. The black lines are borders to protect the individual territories between warring factions. Acer Saccharum and Acer Rubrum of North America. This wood has been rescued from decay and rot. It is preserved forever with four coats of urethane to enhance the beauty of the wood. The pedestal base is crafted from 4x4 timbers of cedar from a 100 year old barn in North Prairie, WI to give the table a rustic, but contemporary look.

Finished Dimensions
6' x 40" 30 inches high 1.5 inches thick

Money Saved
$500.00 to $1,000.00

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