Sugar River Pizza Company Bar, Sun Prairie Wi.

Andrew Judd


Project Description
In the Fall of 2019 some long time clients of mine came to me and showed me plans for a large restaurant they were going to build. They entrusted me to build the 33 live edge walnut bar and Back bar, along with all of the tables thru out the restaurant and the booths, Waitress station and waiting room benches. I had sawn the live edge slabs 5 years ago, and had used them for the Verona location bar and high top tables as well. We installed the bar in the summer of 2020 and they opened for business in October 2020. All of the back bar is edged with the fall off live edge from the bar top. the reverse live edge batten board bar wall covering is also lumber sawn from my sawmill. Fastened to 1/2" walnut plywood sheets it is easily removed to be able to access the mechanicals in the Perlick bar system. The Hostess station is book matched live edge sawn from a friends tree that had to be taken down as it was threatening their house. There are 12, 6 tables that are also from that same lot of logs. I built a slab flattener to flatten the slabs and the holes and cracks are filled with a deep pour epoxy. The Bar was poured with a epoxy finish, and all the tables are finished with 3 coats of conversion varnish.

Finished Dimensions
Bar is 33 feet long and from 20 to 24" wide and 2 1/4 thick finished.

Money Saved

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