Horse Barn

Merl Fichtner


Project Description
When I initially built this post and beam structure it was a machine shed. The posts and beams were all milled with my Wood-Mizer LT15 cut from Ponderosa Pine that were dying on our property due to the pine beetle infestation. The beams are a beautiful blue colour as a result of the beetles but it didnt compromise the strength of the wood and because I had the ability to log and mill these trees they became beautiful and useable timbers that would have otherwise been firewood at best. I wanted to build a horse barn and realized that the location and size of the machine shed would be perfect for a stable so I milled up some Western White Pine into siding and sided it board and baton style. I then milled up some Douglas Fir for the main doors in the front and one in the back of the building and also built double stall doors with the planed fir. We stained the white pine siding grey to match the other buildings on our farm but left the Fir doors with a natural finish to highlight the beautiful wood grain. I planed the Fir but the siding was just the raw finish from the Wood-Mizer and it looks great! Of course since my machine shed was displaced I had to build another one in a different location and I did so again using 100% wood milled on my Wood-Mizer LT15.

Finished Dimensions
Barn 24 by 48 feet Machine shed 20 by 40 feet

Money Saved

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