Customers Great Great Grandfathers Chest Rebuild


Mark Davis

LT40HD Super

Project Description
With the LT40Super Wide Head I am able to custom mill all the required materials to perform delicate rebuilds and repairs. This often, like in this example, requires the ability to cut Cedar boards to exacting dimensions from customer logs for the repairs. In this case, the customers great great grand father cut the original cedar trees for the chest off his farm and hand crafted the chest. Fast forward many many years later the customer brought it to me in pieces ... with missing pieces, cracks, holes, and rot. The Challenge: Use as much of the original cedar as possible but craft new parts and pieces from cedar logs provided. Repairs to bottom, sides, trim molding, and complete rework of the top to include custom internal Cedar support for the top and places for Family Tree and History of the Chest to be displayed. Making a new one from scratch would have been faster ... but keeping the chest as original as possible kept the history alive for the next generations for this customer to pass it down to.

Finished Dimensions
31" x 48"

Money Saved

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