The Lodge

Jesse Hofer


Project Description
Nestled at 2000 elevation on the lower slopes of Indian Head Mountain, the Platte Clove Lodge defies easy categorization. The timbers were hand-mortised by a class of enthusiastic middle-school students, using boring machines and chisels that pre-date their grandparents. The structure is a beautiful mixture of fallen white pines (worm-holes to prove it) and locally harvested Beech, Black Cherry, Red Oak, and disease-killed American Elm. The frame was raised in just 8 hours by a team of volunteers - parents, staff, and friends of the students. Once complete, the building will be available to the school classes, families of the students, and beyond as a community center, party-barn, camping and picnicking spot, and cold-weather refuge, all rolled into one. Completely off-grid, the building is lighted with solar power. The quaint wood-paneled bathroom is siphon-fed with crystal-clear water from a beautiful mountain pond.

Finished Dimensions
30' x 40'

Money Saved

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