Pecan High Top Sofa Table

Keith Combass


Project Description
The pecan lumber originated in my sisters yard. She called me in a panic because she realized the base of the forty foot tree was ninety percent rotted through and the tree was leaning. The next morning a Stihl chainsaw had it down in literally under a minute. The bottom 10 plus feet was completely rotted and a woodpecker had made a hole you could put your arm through. The top had small limbs good for BBQ wood but there was this odd piece in the middle of about eight feet of good wood twelve inches diameter. I milled it green the next week and recovered 6 usable planks and some odd shorts. A tablesaw, belt sander, router and drill was the only other tools required.

Finished Dimensions
38 (H) x 48" (L) x 10" (D)

Money Saved
This table in a furniture store would be around $750.

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