Maggie Lake


John Harkin


Project Description
Caretakers cabin built in the Pacific Northwest. Using coastal cedar For the exterior and trims. Alder , fir , hemlock , yew and cypress for the interior . The combination of all the beautiful wood I was quite stunning. Loft Staircase was built from a cedar stump ,sliced and sanded.The cabinet carcasses are edge grain cedar. Cedar countertops. Fir shelving .The live edge feature wall is a combination of cedar and yew horizontal board and batten. There’s also some live edge baseboards which look pretty cool. The panelling on the main living area our alder, Fir , Hemlock. The bathroom walls are yellow cedar/cypress.The beam and rafters our hemlock. The loft floor/ceiling is red Cedar. This was a very fun project and using the mail to produce all this was quite fun.

Finished Dimensions

Money Saved

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