Michael Koch

LT15 Start

Project Description
My little mancave, I would say, here I realize my little wooden projects! It was built completely on its own and was created with the help of my Woodmizer sawmill, the basic structure consists of tree trunks, the spaces in between were then clad from the outside with slab boards, the space in between was insulated so that it is also warm in winter. The roof was also provided with insulation and covered with trapezoidal sheet metal at the top. The real mancave is located in the rear part of the hall, it is a gallery from where you can look into the workshop. Simply looking at pictures explains more than pictures or just drop by Instagram at the Holzmichaeleifel

Finished Dimensions
12.00 x 7,00 x 7,00 LxBxH

Money Saved
about 50000€

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