Hemlock Wedding Archway


Bobby Jefferson


Project Description
Beneath the boughs of these beautiful pieces of hemlock, in May of 2021, was the union of two people, perfectly in love. This archway was designed and built by the proud family of Rylee. Their goal was to create a piece symboling strength and unity, sure to age as timelessly as the mighty tree that brought this vision to life. The wood for this piece came from Lancaster PA, Rylee’s home. In a union of its own kind, this archway stood tall on the farm of Rylee’s late great-grandmother to celebrate her wedding. It was here her great-grandmother raised 11 children and loved her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren; where Rylee has memories of fishing and family hayrides, and now, where she and James have said “I do,” surrounded by family and friends. This piece was made using the Woodmizer LT35. It is with gratitude for the chance to give this very special gift that the builders extend their sincerest thanks for the resources of the Earth and the reliable tools, especially the Woodmizer, that made this piece possible. Congratulations Rylee & James!

Finished Dimensions

Money Saved

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