Black Walnut Slab Table

Bryan Walker

LT15 Wide

Project Description
The table is made from two Black Walnut slabs. The slabs were book-matched from the same log. The tree was blown over as a result of a tornado and able to be salvaged for lumber. The log was milled on my Woodmizer LT15 Wide and air dried for two years before being taken into my basement shop for working. The wood machined great and the table was a blast to make. I am always amazed at what is locked inside of a log. It never gets old being the first to see what present is inside of each log. God is the master craftsman and it is a privileged to be a part of displaying His handiwork in each piece that comes off of the sawmill. I could not have done this project without my trusty Woodmizer.

Finished Dimensions
6.5 long by 55 wide and 2 thick

Money Saved

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