Susquehanna County Library Circulation Desk and Donor Tree

George Manns


Project Description
My son, Ben, and I built the circulation desk with cherry lumber. All the curly cherry lumber used in the front of the desk came from the same log. The panels measure 16"-18" and are solid (one board). Ben also has his own woodworking business and is using the first Wood-Mizer saw I purchased in 1986, an LT30. The donor tree recognizes people who donated to the librarys new building project. It is framed in cherry lumber. The leaves designate different levels of giving and are made of culry maple with cherry accents. The trunk of the tree is walnut. There is a key with donor names and categories of giving.

Finished Dimensions
Circulation desk: 24 x 10 48" (50 running feet of panels, stiles and rails), Donor Tree: 8 x 8

Money Saved
Without the ability to saw the log used for this project, it is unlikely that I would have found enough lumber as figured and well matched. It is possible I would have spent and extra $5,000 for the same quality lumber.

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