Ross Flodder


Project Description
I dismantled a log house in 1976 and my Industrial Technology Class rebuilt it on school property for a 1976 Bicentennial year project. The Greentown Lions Club decided to develop a Pioneer Village on the Howard County Fairgrounds, so the log house was then moved to the fairgrounds as the first building. Out of 14 buildings, I have cut the wood and milled the lumber for various components of 12 different buildings in the Village. The Lions Club wanted a Sheriffs Office cut from logs and constructed in the era of the late 1800s. Pine logs were donated by a business, who had to clear the property to build a new construction. The logs were used for the dimension lumber, walls, floor joists and rafters. The sheathing for the walls and roof was Ash and nailed on diagonally, representative of that time period. Some of the Ash logs were also donated for the project. The walls and flooring was rough cut and left exposed to be observed by visitors. The Sheriff Office incorporated a loft since the Sheriff had to sleep there, with two cells below. The two iron jail doors were made by a local welding shop. The front porch has a Cypress floor, Cedar posts and railings for horse-hitching. The exterior siding is Poplar, cut with a Woodmizer siding attachment.

Finished Dimensions
24 X 30

Money Saved
The Lions Club saved $10,000

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