Cabin Make Over

Russell Jacobs


Project Description
Started with an existing 24 ft x 28 ft cabin. We raised the roof by jacking up the back half the roof 5 ft and then ran the new roof rafters over the newly constructed timber framed front porch while adding a dormer. For this submission, since I didnt make the siding, I am submitting it as an interior project. 99% of all the wood inside came off my mill. The quarter sawn Red Oak floors/steps/railings ( I cut 4/4 at 1 1/8", left it air dry 1 year before making 15/16 inch tong and groove random width flooring ranging from 4 - 11 inches wide. A lot of the boards are loaded with fleck. I screwed right thru the face with deck screws and finished with linseed oil) , White Pine ship lap walls ( I cut 3/4 inch white pine, air dried it for a year and then made 5/8 inch random width ship lap and coated with clear polyurethane), White Oak interior and exterior timber framing, Red and White Oak laminate beams to cover the original 2x8s (cut 3/4" oak 8" wide left it dry for a year and then glued up 12 ft long U beams to slip over the 2x8s), Quarter sawn White Oak kitchen cabinets (made with all solid wood, no plywood) and interior doors (made with 2 layers of 7/8 inch thick boards, one layer is the mortise and tenion frame, the second layer is ship lap glued and screwed to the first layer), Elm live edge bar in the kitchen, Quarter sawn White Oak baseboard and window trim. For furniture last winter I made 5 exact same beds with 5 different woods, Cherry (cut on the property) White Oak, White Ash, Shag bark Hickory and Pignut Hickory. And finally a Dawn Redwood porch swing finished with linseed oil.

Finished Dimensions
1,472 sqft

Money Saved

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