Transformed Former Deck into Rustic Living Space

T. Gath


Project Description
We now have a new living room over a previous 2nd floor deck. This 12 x 16 addition to our living space is by far the most beautiful room in our house thanks to our Woodmizer LT 35! As you sit in the room every visible stick of wood came off of our mill. The Framing and finished walls are White Pine, the floor, trim and beams are homegrown Bitternut Hickory. Here in Preble, NY we have the privilege of going fine hardwood trees and being friends with Norm Volis of Paradise Milling who dried the lumber in his wood fired kiln as well as Kennedy Hardwood who ran the flooring (beautiful 6" wide bi-color hickory), wall boards (12" wide x 1/2" thick shiplapped white pine) and all of the trim. The outside siding is Larch bought from another local Sawyer. This project was one of the most satisfying accomplishments of our life!

Finished Dimensions
12’ x 16’

Money Saved

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