Game Table

Peter Falk


Project Description
This project started with a standing tree in the back yard in Carmel IN. This 36” diameter tree had to be removed as it was starting to endanger the house with falling branches. The family did not want to see this majestic tree simply cut into firewood as they had lived by it for so many years and seen the yearly raccoon family make it home in the tree. They had the vision of having me mill it into lumber and create furniture for their three daughters. Dad and I hauled the logs home. Some of the logs were so big that we had to rip the log in half so that the half would fit between the guides on the mill. After completing milling the logs into lumber, we took the wood to be kiln dried. During the period that the wood was drying, I worked with the clients in designing this table. Upon deciding to build a game table, I took design elements from the kitchen this game table would be near as well as another nearby table into consideration as I designed a new table to blend in, while being its own table. They were interested in a number of special features in this table. The husband was keen on having at each corner of the table a triangular drop leaf that would fold down and could be folded up under the table top. This would give the family flexibility to move the table around in the room in different orientations and shapes to accommodate a food buffet at the holidays and parties, or at other times playing games, or a dinner with family. They also wanted 2 copper dry sinks that they could put ice in, to keep their drinks cold while they played games, or put the sink “lids” in and have a large surface for dining and games The other inspiring design element was the hand carved 7 strand taper rope molding on each leg.

Finished Dimensions
40 3/4" x 48" x 94"

Money Saved

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