TV - Console from a lightning struck Southern Yellow Pine

Dan C Houston


Project Description
This TV Console was built from lumber cut from a lightning struck Southern Yellow Pine. Cut on my LT-15 GO. The tree was dead and dry with some beetle holes. I cut the boards for the top and installed the skirt. I decided on 2 x 3 legs so I went and cut the legs on the mill and put the 2 x 3 on the chop saw and cut them to length. The mill cuts so smooth that I did not even run them through the planner. When I got ready for the shelves I cut a 1/2 inch thick board and planned it to 3/8. The wood hinges are cut from the same pine with 16 penny common nails for the hinge pins. I used a MinWax oil stain followed by MinWax Polycrylic Clear Satin Water Based Finish. My LT-15 GO 4-months old. I am really impressed with the design , fit and finish on this machine. My only regret is that I did not buy one years ago. You just can not buy this type of lumber at the lumber yard. I am a boat builder and will be cutting cypress lumber to build another boat soon.

Finished Dimensions
20" wide - 60 " wide - 30" tall and too heavy for one person to pick up!

Money Saved

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