Tree House

Charles Swindler


Project Description
Tree house built for my Grand Children. 28 Feet in the Air among Ponderosa Pine. All Beams, Structure, siding, Shingles, Roof Decking Milled from Pine on my LT15. It is built at odd angles and the look is very interesting. It was done on purpose as I did not want a square house. It has a free standing fireplace, Compost Toilet, a Loft and a wash sink. The Interior wood was purchased and it is all cedar. The approach is a rope bridge from a deck. There will be a Zip line by the end of summer.

Finished Dimensions
About 140 Sq Feet (10 X 12 X 13 X 15)

Money Saved
If the (Tree-house master built it Probably a $100,000.00) but in reality about $12,000.00 in materials

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